Hello everybody!

Today I would like to share with you my may’s favorites in pictures! I discovered some products this month, and continued to love some others. Let’s start!



Necklace • Hollister

Bracelet • ?
IMG_4907 Pink clay mask with aloe vera • CATTIER (sooo soft!)

Rose water • Vita Verde (fresh and purifying)

Hello hydratation conditioner • Herbal Essences  (let hair so moisturize but not heavy)

Shea body scrub • The Body Shop (scrub but moisturize oddly)

Moisturizing and mattifying cream • SVR (revolution for oily skins!)

Cucumber hand cream • EOS (mmh smell so good, rich texture and moisturizes well)

IMG_4926 Dress • Hollister (I think that it’s the perfect little black dress)

My last fav is a bit special because it’s the song of Loic Nottet for Eurovision The Song Contest, it’s not just because he is Belgian and I’m Belgian but because I love the style he gives to his songs. BREF check it out!

And that’s it for my May’s fav! Feel free to tell me in the comment what’s yours! Thanks for your reading, hope you enjoy it! 🙂


4 thoughts on “MAY’S FAV!

  1. Aaaah !!! Loic ! My hero ! 😀 The 4th place, we’re so amazing. There is always something that happens in Belgium 😉
    I also have the Body Shop body scrub but mango in my may favs 🙂

    Je sais même pas pourquoi je t’écris en anglais… C’est tellement plus simple comme ça 😛

    Super article, kiss :*

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