WISHLIST TIME • April 2015

Hey guyys!

So today I come back FINALLY for a new post and I would like to share with you my current wishlist!

kdd(from left to right)

Terrarium Planter  • Urban Outfitter (so tumblrr)

Black dress • Le temps des cerises

Cropped sweatshirt • American Apparel

Top with embroidery on cuffs • ZARA

Indian bracelet • Tequila

Lustrum kit • NUME (for wavy srping hair)

Ecote Racerback Lace Hem Cami • Urban Outfitter

Flowers soap • L’occitane en Provence (smell like LUSH BIG shampoo so freshh)

Pure grace • Philosophy (also so freshh)

3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioner Aussie (unfortunately not findable in my country…)

Just Do It Leggings  • NIKE (to get ready for summer!)

Revel jean skinny • Levi’s

That’s all for my wishlist, I hope you liked it and feel free to tell me what’s on your wishlist in the comments! ↓↓↓


4 thoughts on “WISHLIST TIME • April 2015

  1. C’est drôle, je pensais aussi publier une wishlist sur mon blog!
    En tout cas, la tienne m’a donnée encore + d’idées haha :p !
    Tu l’as réalisée avec quel logiciel? C’est super bien fait! xx


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