HAULAA • Lille

Hello everybody!

Wednesday, I went shopping with my father in France, more precisely in Lille because it’s the nearest French city to where I live in Belgium. I decided to go there because there are many shops and brands in France you can not find in Belgium as example Sephora, Kiko,…

I’m pretty happy because I found many products I was looking for for a long time!





For the clothes I only found one thing, a top from Hollister which is I think a perfect basic!


IMG_4119  I went at Sephora because there is many brands we do not have in Belgium.

IMG_4122IMG_4123  I was looking for the perfect bronzer for a long time and I finally choose The Milk Chocolate one from Too Faced! It is matte, gives no orange effect and smell soo good! (sorry for the finger marks hihi)IMG_4140

 I also bought the famous Naked Basic palette from Urban Decay that I really love! Despite this, the smell of the palette is REALLY weird like … carbonara pasta (yes REALLY weird!)


Then I went to Kiko and I found two things that I’m now using everyday!

IMG_4173I bought this eyeshadow (shade 118) that in fact I already had but was broken… I think that it’s the perfect shade for every day!IMG_4176

And I also (re-)bought this concealer still from Kiko in my winter shade!


IMG_4158At Carrefour I bought this range of shampoo and conditionner from Timotei because I heard many good things about it! And for now it’s not too bad! (Although if you want me to do an article about the products I use in my hair tell me!)


Last but not least I bought three shower gels from DOP with SO amazing smells as madelaine, lemon cake and caramel!

So yep that’s all I hope you liked it and feel free to give me your opinion in the comments! ↓↓↓ 🙂

PS: We exceeded the 1231 views and 72 followers so thank you SO MUCHHH! ❤❤❤❤❤❤


18 thoughts on “HAULAA • Lille

  1. Hi sweetie, hope you are ok I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award as I love your blog! Ps all these products you picked look fab!

    Love Dan


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