DIY • Easy way to store your makeup!

Hey cuties!

Today I come back to present you how I organize my makeup and especially in what! I think it’s a cheap, cute and easy way to store your thinks. This DIY is actually such easy that he don’t really need a tutorial but I just want to share with you this idea. IMG_0197
So here is what the final product looks like, let’s start now!

 You will need:
  • The background of a box for example from a beauty box
  • Some sheets of colored paper
  • The washi/masking tape of your choies
  • A pen
  • A pair of scissors
  • A latte

IMG_0208First you have to take all the measurements as the depth, width of the box and the length of the longest products you have to be sure that everything works.IMG_0209 Then you have to simply cut out the compartments.IMG_0213Finally hook the strips with washi tape to the bottom of your box and you’re done! I keep it in my storage cabinet in the bathroom but I think it can also fit well in a drawer.

I hope you liked it and that it was useful! I am on leave for Carnival holidays so I’ll try to prepare full full of articles! Thanks for reading, feel free to give your constructive opinion in the comments ↓↓↓ 🙂

Lots of kisses!


14 thoughts on “DIY • Easy way to store your makeup!

  1. Lovely post! And this is such a good idea I’ve been trying to get hold of acrylic dividers for ages but can’t find any so I may do this instead. x


  2. Je fais la même chose dans ma coiffeuse avec des boîtes My Little Box, c’est super, la tienne est très jolie 🙂


  3. Une alternative très sympa pour ranger son maquillage, et surtout très simple ! Ça peut permettre d’économiser un peu de sous, ce qui n’est pas plus mal 😉 Personnellement, je garde toutes mes boites de Birchbox, Glossybox etc, elles sont de tailles différentes et s’ajustent à chaque chose. Même si ça commence à se remplir un peu trop haha !
    Bonne journée !


    1. Oui j’ai d’ailleurs hâte de recevoir ma première birchbox que j’ai commandée pour y ranger tous mes produits!
      Pleins de bisous! 🙂


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