Winter Sales Haul

Hello everybody!

Today I will present my winter sales finds! As some country have the blackfriday or the boxing day, in Belgium and in France we have 2 entire month a year with sales! So I took the occasion to buy products that I wanted for a while. Actually some items was not sold in discount but I want to introduce you.


IMG_3978First I got some Castor Oil because I heard many good things about this vegetable oil and its benefits for fair, brows and eyelashes. I also buy this Cattier Clay Mask for sensible skin, indeed my skin is particularly dehydrated because of the winter.
IMG_3976As you probably know, I got the clarisonic 2 months ago but the brush was too abrasive for me. So I bought the cashmere cleanse one that Et Pourquoi Pas Coline talked a lot about.IMG_3982

Finally for beauty items, I got this Frosted Cranberry Soap for 1,05€ and it’s from The Body Shop. I had not yet had the opportunity to test the Christmas collection so I’m very happy about this find.


IMG_3989I buy this gray sweater from the brand Why Not. Its really casual but at the same time not so because of the cut out on the neckline and on the back. It was 10% off so not such a good deal…IMG_3996It’s been a long time I’m looking for a simple white t-shirt to go with a cardigan and I finally found my happiness at Zara and only for 3,99€. IMG_4001  I also got approximately the same one but with withe and blue lines for 6,99€.IMG_3985  From Undiz I got this blue pyj pair of shorts. It was 50% off so 4,95€.IMG_3961 IMG_3962

Then I got this beauuuutiful pair of Roshe Run from Nike that I dreamed about for a long time! It was a bit a compulsive buying but sometimes you just say YOLO and it happens!


IMG_3967 I found this really cool toilet bag from Eastpak and I was looking for a simple one for a long time. This kit is very light so very convenient to travel.IMG_3983AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I buy this seal tea infuser which is to be honest the cutest one I ever seen!

And that’s it for my sales haul! Feel free to tell me in the comment what do you think about the products I mentioned or what’s did you found during the sales! Thanks for your reading, and I hope you enjoy it!

See you!

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