The “Emergency” Bag

Hey Everybody! Today I will present you the not-so-pretty stuff I keep with me if I’m going to be out and about for a long day.

IMG_3913This tiny bag is actually an handwork one that I got in a market.IMG_3919 WHAT’S IN ?IMG_3886

  •  Tinted Repairing Lip Balm with Peach Pulp – Nuxe
  •  Be Delicious Fresh Blossom – DKNY
  •  Cherry Blossom Hand Cream – L’Occitane en Provence
  • Tissues
  • Peppermint Frisk
  • Hydroalcoholische Gel – Preven’s Paris
  • Lenses Box
  • Power Bank for my phone

And voilà for this short post, I’m really curious to know if you have a little bag like this too!


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