All about my favorites brushes!

Hey everyone!
Today I will present you my favorite brushes that I use almost everyday.
I recommend you the Real Techniques one, they are really soft and they dry quickly after the washing. I hope that you will enjoy it , feel free to give me advice in the comments.
  • To apply my foundation or any complexion product, I use a brush from Hema. I usually also use the Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques, he’s really dense.
  • Then I use the Powder Brush also from Real Techniques for my powder of course.
  • To apply my eyeshadows I use the Essential Crease Brush from Real Techniques. Personally I use it to put the matter but it fades as well.
  • To separate my lashes and remove excess mascara I use a bottlebrush (tell me if it’s te right word) from Elf.
  • And to finish for my blush I use the Mineral Powder Brush from Elf. He’s super fluffy but kind of really dense and soft.

One thought on “All about my favorites brushes!

  1. Oh lovely. I have been trying to get my hands on real technique brushes for sometime now but they always get sold out from here in Asia. I am glad that review are great. I am currently using ecotools brushes and other brushes from here and there.

    belle x

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