➳ Huge Lush Haul! (+Review)

Hello everybody! I hope you are well! So today I come back for a huge haul from Lush. I always wanted to test this brand but I never had this opportunity until the last month when a Lush store opened in my town!  In addition to this, .yesterday, I celebrated Christmas with my entire family and guess what? I received a lot of Lush product! Unfortunately for my wallet, I fell in true love with this brand! I like to read Lush post so I thought that you may like to see what I got from the shop!IMG_3691 First you have to know that Lush is a brand subject to “greenwashing” (When a company promotes green-based environmental images but actually operates in a way that is damaging to the environment) and believe me, I am well aware about that. But it is not so much because of the green side that I like the brand, while I appreciate the fact that some products are supplied with reusable packaging (as boxes in metal) because I feel frustrated when I throw the packages. I like this brand because of the products simply. The few that I tested were really convincing, despite that I think I have choose the brand’s best seller so this is pretty normal.

First I bought/received some hair products:IMG_3696

Big: I absolutely love this product! This shampoo with sea salt is a miracle for thin hair like mine and the smell it leaves is so fresh. I hope it will last me a long time knowing that you need a bit of product to shampoo all your lock of hair!

Jungle: A conditioner with a pretty peculiar smell which I got used to. It deeply moisturizes without leaving an oily finish.

Maître Iodé/ Sea Spray: My opinion is very mixed about this hair spray. On the one hand I love the rendering that he give, my hair are moisturize and so soft! But on the other hand the smell made me literally sick. It’s not that it does not smell good on the contrary I love the smell of orange blossom. So I don’t recommend it to people who are sensitive to strong odors, and may have nausea.

Then I got some shower products:


Happy Hippy: This shower gel with pink grapefruit smell pretty awesome even if like me you don’t like the bitterness of grapefruit. This product filled his job but it’s a bit expensive for what it is.

The Comforter/ Cassimousse: I have not yet tested this bubble bar but I fear that the smell of grenadine is too present for me.

Finally I got some care products:


Eau d’Arbre à Thé/ Tea Tree Water: This tonic for combination to oily skin that I use every morning to refresh my skin is very efficient against imperfections and acne pimples.

Aromaco: I definitely don’t like the smell of this product but for now it complete his job, to see on the long term.

Thanks for your reading, hope you enjoy it, feel free to tell me in the comment what do you think about the products that I mentioned and about my post!
See you!

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