➳ Clarisonic Mia 2 : First Feelings

Hello everybody! Today I come back for a new post about my new Clarisonic Mia 2! I got this beauuutiful gift from Saint-Nicolas so thanks Santa! I’m actually thinking about create a new category of post just about the Clarisonic, how I use it, the result month after month and my feelings simply. I think it could be great because when I was looking for information about the product, I didn’t found the details whose I was looking for. Feel free to tell me if you like the idea in the comments.

First, the Clarisonic what is it?

IMG_3633 You probably know the principle, the clarisonnic is a vibrant cleaning brush for the face. It deep cleans your face. The clarisonic is waterproof and the charger is magnetic so there is no reason for you to be electrocuted. For a full charge it will take 24 hours the first time. Then load cycles are 5 hours for a full use of 28 minutes. The autonomy may seem short, but if you use it once a day, you should charge it once a month. The brushes are interchangeable and the one supplied with is made for sensitive skin. There are many other brush heads: for delicate skin, for the body and also for the feet. Mia 2 features a proprietary T-TIMER that pauses momentarily during 1 minute cleansing cycle, to indicate it is time to move to another part of your face. The brand recommend: 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 seconds on the nose and the chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek.

What’s sold with?

The material provided with depends on where you buy it. I found mine for 149  (182 USD) at ICI PARIS XL, a belgian perfumery. Here is what was included in my kit:

  • The clarisonic Mia 2
  • The sensitive Brush Head with a protective cover
  • The travel case
  • pLink Charger
  • Refreshing cleanser with orange flower
  • An user guide
IMG_3611 How I use it and my opinion:

I have the chance to do not have a skin with many pimples but I have some and I also have other imperfections like dilated pores, blackheads, scars,… With the clarisonic, I wanted to stabilize the general condition of my face. To be honest I do not use it everyday because the cleansing let my skin dry. To remedy this I just apply a moisturizer cream from La Roche Posey. For now I’m using the cleansing gel provided with the clarisonic but when I’ll finish I intend to use it with anti imperfections para-pharmacies gels like the Avene, SVR of Vichy one. I also use the clarisonic to remove my make up and in this case I use a cleansing foam from Kiko. I immediately liked how the brush cleans, it’s very nice, a real moment of relaxation. I use the clarisonic for one week and unless a surge of pimples because of my change in routine, I did not notice anything special. I think you make an update to this post in two months to see where I stand.

So yep I hope that you like it! I’m sorry if this article is not very clear but I really did my best. Be free to let a comment and correct me about my english.

See you! 🙂


6 thoughts on “➳ Clarisonic Mia 2 : First Feelings

  1. I think it will be really helpful to a lot of people if you’ll do a new catogory for the Clarisonic! Your post is full of details and now I want to buy the Clarisonic!


    1. I was afraid that the article not be clear because of my approximate translation! Thank you for your comment and yep we’ll see in two months where I stand!
      Kisses Em!

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    1. C’est vrai que j’ai eu une poussée d’acné après les premières utilisations mais pour l’instant la clarisonic tiens ses promesses, après à long therme j’espère garder un bon résultat et voir mes pores apparants et mes imperfections disparaitre:) Je pense que la plupart des personnes ayant un résultat négatif avec la clarisonic utilisent des brosses trop abrassives (J’ai changé la mienne car j’avais peur des effets que pouvait avoir celle ci) Bisous!:)

      Liked by 1 person

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